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U.S. Ski Team intervals

USST Video Series: 7

Tue, Aug  24, 2010 - By Mike Muha

One video and four different workouts: Sprints, longer intervals, distance training. It's interesting to see the intensity of the skiing in each workout - and the expenditure of energy.

Say Matt:

Today was our second interval day of the camp. There were four different workouts today: Andy Newell and Simi Hamilton did a faster but controlled interval workout of 3 sets by 5-8 x 30 seconds. The recovery was 10 min between sets, and between intervals they recovered back to Level 1 and added 30 seconds.

Morgan Arritola, Liz Stephen, and Kikkan Randall did a Level 4 workout of 5 or 6 x 4 minutes on some fun, windy, and rolling terrain. The recovered to Level 1 and added 3 minutes.

Noah Hoffman did 4 x 12 minutes threshold, and Kris Freeman did easy distance today.

Today was a great day of training.