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Training: New Zealand

Thu, Jul  29, 2010 - By Pete Vordenberg

Reprinted with permission from TeamToday!

How will you do it?

Andy Newell and Simi Hamilton 3 x 6 x 30 seconds at sprint race pace.

Kikkan Randall and Morgan Arritola 2hr Level 1 classical.

Kris Freeman working on classical striding technique.

Morgan Arritola 5 x 4min Level 4.

Noah Hoffman 4 x 12min Level 3+ classical intervals.

USST distance session. Individual technique focus, individual session goals, individual pace focus...

Team effort.

How will you do it? Are you training enough? Are you resting well enough? Are you doing the right things for training? Are you eating well and staying hydrated? Are you focused in training on making the adaptations you set out to make, on making the technical improvments you need to make, on becoming mentally tough?

Do you have questions about training or resting or racing?


How will you do it? Because it won't get done for you.

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