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Michigan Cup Committee to plan upcoming racing season

Mon, Jul  26, 2010 - By Ernie Brumbaugh

It is Michigan Cup Meeting time again - Date:  Sunday, August 1, 2010 - Bob Frye's house on Higgins Lake.

Voting members (1 vote per team) are:

  • Ski Headquarters - Bob Frye
  • Hanson Hills/Cross Country Ski Shop - Justin Andre
  • Straits Striders - Tracy hardin
  • Grand Rapids - Ernie Brumbaugh
  • Nordic Ski Racer - Mike Muha
  • Traverse Nordic - Todd Vigland

Teams can have up to 3 members at the meeting, but only one vote per team.  If any of you are not coming please designate a voter.  I will put out an agenda with this memo and also follow up with any agenda items.  If you are not going to be there and want to vote on an issue please repsond vis e:mail and copy all parties.

Some agenda items:

  1. Boyne Mountain is interested in a race this season.  GRNST will continue to host the Langlauf.  NordicSkiRacer will host the Frosty Freestyle.
  2. Hanson Hills would like to move some of their races and is currently negotiating with Garland.
  3. Bob Frye would like to move the relays up one week - Conflicts with Boyne Highlands race.
  4. Review last year's scoring changes (If anyone has a proposal please get it out to everyone prior to the meeting so they can discuss it with their members.
  5. Baic and Brumbaugh Cup: Should we continue to count all team skiers for team points or cut back to 38 or original 3
  6. We need to confirm the site and date of Michigan High School Championships & which races will be used for JO selection.