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National Training Group freestyle sprint heats

USST Video Series: 3

Mon, Jul  26, 2010 - By Mike Muha

Look at the video and see the comments below...

  1. Everyone is wearing a helmet. If the top skiers in the country wear a helmet while rollerskiing, why aren't you?
  2. Everyone is going fast, but not rushing their technique. Full poling motions and the skates are complete.
  3. They tuck the downhills. If you don't tuck them in practice, you won't tuck them in a race.
  4. The second skier on a downhill always catches and passes the first skier - just like on bicycles.
  5. Notice that a women doublepoling in one of the sprints - she's keeping up with the skaters. How's your doublepole?
  6. There are some very short sprints designed to work on speed; they're only about 10 seconds long.
  7. Some of the sprints are a standing start (just like a race). Others can be a rolling start.
  8. Notice how far the hands come up in front of the face. Notice how much the elbows are bent.