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Seek host for Norwegian exchange student

Fri, Jul  23, 2010 - By Barb Kilkka

We've been seeking a host family for this Norwegian boy and wondered if you could pass the word along to your fellow skiers.

We are a non-profit organization called Youth For Understanding who places exchange students in host families. Approximately 400 students were placed last year in Michigan families and public high schools.

I'm looking for a winter-sports oriented family who might enjoy hosting a very active Norwegian boy who is bright, humorous and very reflective. Read Håvard's full profile and a letter from his family (PDFs). Here's an overview:

Håvard, 16, from Norway: Nature and the outdoors life appeal to Hoavard, who comes from a small farm. Every day in good weather, he bikes for an hour and takes long walks in the forest. With his family, he enjoys traveling; in the winter, they vacation in the mountains of Norway, using skis to move between mountain lodgings. In the summer, they vacation in southern Europe, and Hoavard is the primary English speaker-translator for his family.

At home, Hoavard's favorite chores include taking care of the rabbits, hens, and cats. He is also a bit of a handyman, changing the tires and painting. Interested in history and politics, he tries to stay current by watching TV news, documentaries, and the Discovery Channel.

Hoavard enjoys discussing the world situation, but he also loves humor as well. He hopes to have a career that makes a difference in the world. Described as self-confident, open-minded and curious, Hoavard belongs to a club that opposes Norway's EU membership. He hopes for an open, active host family with a good sense of humor and plans to stay in contact the rest of his life! -10-

Can you help spread the word about Hoavard from Norway? Families provide a place to live, meals, and love, encouragement and guidance. The students bring their own spending money and good health insurance and the willingness to live according to the rules of the family and the organization.

As a host mom of multiple exchange students in West Bloomfield, I can answer all the other questions of prospective families. Basically we live our normal life and include them in it. Most of it is common sense parenting with one more plate on the table!

Thanks in advance for considering hosting Hoavard. It's bound to lead to a wonderful lifelong connection for a local family (and perhaps future travel and adventure opportunities to visit his family someday!).

Barb Kilkka
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