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First workout on snow for Lukas Bauer

Wed, Jul  14, 2010 - By FIS

In the middle of hot summer Lukas Bauer carried out first training sessions on snow. He spent three days with his teammates from the Czech team Martin Jaks and Jiri Horcicka in the Ski tunnel in Oberhof (GER).

How is it to ski in the middle of summer?

First of all it is a temperature shock. There are approx. -4°C (25°F) in the tunnel whereas outside it was really hot around 29°C (84°F). First day my body had to accommodate the temperature changes when we left the tunnel for such a heat. All of us survived without consequences.

How did your training plan look like?

We carried out three high-quality days with speed workouts. We did couple of short sprints. Every unit in the tunnel lasted 2 hours. Before we left for Oberhof I had had four training days back home at Bozi Dar, same speed workouts but done on rollerskis.

What is the main point in skiing in summer in a tunnel?

As I said before I wanted to focus this year's training period on speed. I carry out different types of training sessions. I want to speed up my roller ski workouts and carry on this speed on skis. Roller skiing technique is slightly different than skiing on snow. Therefore I plan to do this block two more times, in July and October.

How do you feel about your training?

...that I am down and out. I was pretty tired but those two days were high quality. I fulfilled my plan for the third day but I felt I could not do more. When you make such an "old dog" run short and fast many times, he gets exhausted and I realized that at the end. I must say I was happy when we left home.

Were there other athletes training?

Only Germans train there regularly. So I met Axel Teichmann, Jens Flibrich and others. Andrea Henkel was testing there her skis.

What about snow quality in the tunnel?

It is utterly different from snow in winter. It lies in the tunnel all the time and air humidity is different too. It softer than in winter. But it was OK for our training purposes.

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