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The Business: Camps are great

Wed, Jul  14, 2010 - By Pete Vordenberg

Camps are great



to beat these guys you have to be open for business almost every day. Even when the business is rest, you make rest your business. I say almost everyday because the mind needs rest too:

And when the waves or whatever your thing is call, answer.

But have no doubt. It is business time in Germany. Business: Technique, Strength. One pole training.

Right pace. Right work. Right focus. Kikkan, Grover and crew from (I think) 2006...

It takes years of working to succeed in this business (Carl Swenson).

Start early. Ingvild Flugstad (born 1990) here from J1 champs in Otepaa 2007 or 8. She won 4 golds at JWC in 2009 and races world cup now - placed 14th in the Otepaa world cup. Will part-time work? You don't have to try it to find out. It has been tried.

Miles and miles shown to work.

Break throughs. Newell winner in the Fishen, Germany city sprints around 2004.

Setbacks (Newell just out of the picture in a puff of snow).

More work. (Whitcomb coaching at his first REG camp 2006 - Midwest where he is right now too)

Success. Kikkan Randall: Business woman. Work + Focus = improvement.

Camps are great. They give us opportunity to work with new coaches and learn from new athletes and have fun doing some hard work. But the past week, just here in Utah doing workouts with the athletes in town, has reminded me that it is the day-to-day business that makes the skier.

Some highlights: Today: 45min pace classical workout with Noah. Yesterday: Agony Hill with Liz.

(all old photos from TT 2004 - 2009)