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Eastern REG

Regional Elite Groups

Tue, Jul  6, 2010 - By Matt Whitcomb

Eastern REG: June 25-30, Craftsbury, VT

The Eastern REG is currently being hosted by the Craftsbury Outdoor Center in Vermont, a mecca for both Nordic skiing and rowing. This is a higher caliber group than what we’ve seen from this region in the past. The majority of the group is fantastic on their roller skis. It is a Nordic-educated group. Athletes are coming from many different clubs that have been stepping up their game, developing complete athletes, professional athletes before they become professionals. This is ready to explode. And none of these improvements have been accidental or lucky.

Hill Climb. Green Team athlete Ida Sargent is on her game. Are you? Here she brings the pain and wins.

Green Team athlete Tim Reynolds (right) catching David Sinclair, junior winner. Sinclair had two podiums at Junior Nationals.

Green Team athlete Dylan McGuffin making the shift to full-time professional. Seen here tying teammate Reynolds for the senior category win.

Double pole distance. Workout focus: focus.

Together! Ski bounding done at the right pace.

Mid-Atlantic Coach Jason Hettenbaugh leading a tough circuit strength workout.


The Eastern REG crew, including Coaches David Loney, Janice Sibilia (NENSA), Eileen Carey (MWSC), Cami Thomson-Graves (Dartmouth). Not pictured: Pepa Milocheva (Green Team), Matt Whitcomb (USST). Thanks to all REG volunteer coaches for running an outstanding camp, and thanks to all club coaches for delivering the goods.

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