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Upcoming CXC Camps and Academy

Mon, Jun  28, 2010 - By CXC Skiing

Jr. Birkie One-Day Camp - The One-Day Birkie Junior Camp will be a camp for age categories J5/J4/J3/J2/J1 (8 years old and up) of junior athletes.This camp will involve many different elements of dryland and sport specific training.  Athletes will do agility "games" and technique drills, balance and strength exercises, ski imitation that will improve their technique and training in cross-country skiing. Register today: Jr One Day Clinic Registration

Jr. Birkie Camp - The Birkie Junior Technique Camp will be a 4 day camp for all ages of junior athletes to train together.  If you come to this camp, all of your friends will be jealous.  That's not even a joke (ok, maybe it's a joke, but the camp will be awesome!).  Athletes should plan to do running drills, strength exercises, ski imitation, and rollerskiing during this time together.  Registration is open Jr Birkie Camp Registration
Birkie Masters Camp (7/30 to 8/1) - With the weather in the Midwest getting dangerously close to 3-digits winter is looking pretty sweet!  Well, this is the perfect way to remind you that the ski season isn't so far away.  Come out and meet other skiers, train hard, and enjoy! 
Register for this camp here: Masters Camp Registration 
Birkie Women's Camp - This is, as the name suggests, a camp for women.  The main selling point here is that it is a camp for awesome women run by awesome women.  Nina Gavrilyuk has three (3!!!!) Olympic gold medals and she's going to be the coach!  We aren't promising that you'll be in the running for an Olympic medal of your own after this camp, but we can promise you will leave inspired and more knowledgeable.  Come join the fun by registering today: Women's Camp Registration

Hayward (WI) Masters Team Chapter - Group Sessions Schedule
Chapter Coach: Igor Badamshin
About Masters Team and Masters Team Chapters: Masters Team info

June 28th, 29th
July 28th, 29th
August 4th and 5th
September 20th, 21st
October 18th, 19th
November 15th, 16th
December 20th, 21
January TBD
February TBD

For exact times and locations  e-mail Igor Badamshin