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25% running, 10% cycling, 5% strength, 20% rollerskiing, 20% skiing

Thu, Jun  24, 2010 - By FIS

FIS Cross Country had an exclusive oportunity to quickly talk to Petter Northug jr. about his spring, hw he relaxed, trained and what are his plans for summer.

FIS Cross-Country: Petter, how did you enjoy time after the end of the season? How did you relax?

Petter Northug jr.: I was on a trip to the Riviera in late April and had about 14 days almost without training between Skarverennet and May 10th.
FIS Cross-Country: How has been your training since the end of the season?

Petter Northug jr.: I was ill and therefore I took part only one day of the May in our team's training camp. It was much better in June. I was training with the tam for 2 weeks. The rest of the time I was mainly exercising my workouts at home in Mosvik, then in Meråker and Trondheim.

FIS Cross-Country: What is your general composition of your training?

Petter Northug jr.: I basically train 25% running, 10% cycling and 5 % strength training. The rest I split about 50/50 between rollerskiing and skiing.

FIS Cross-Country: What about biking? Do you include it in your workouts as well?

Petter Northug jr.: I use biking for recovery and to get a change only. Most of the time I focus on running.

FIS Cross-Country: Will you take part in any rollerski races in summer?

Petter Northug jr.: Yes, I will. I will take part in some races in Sandnes and Aure.
FIS Cross-Country: Are there any special events during summer for you?

Petter Northug jr.: I will train in Meråker and take part in a summer skischool as an instructor. I plan to race Tour de Trøndelag. Alexander Legkov, Anders Sødergren and Jaak Mae will be there as well. Then I am going to carry out a three-week training on my own. I also plan a short trip to USA. From August on the regular training camps will carry on and we will go for our first high altitude training in late August/early September to northern Italy.