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USSA National J2 Talent Camp - Expanding the Pipeline

Tue, Jun  22, 2010 - By USSA

The inaugural USSA National J2 Talent Camp will be conducted this July 31- August 8, 2010 on the campus of Michigan Technological University (MTU) in Houghton, Michigan. The camp will provide a great opportunity for many of the top young cross country skiers in the U.S. to train together and to learn from top USSA coaches and U.S. Ski Team staff. In addition to a full training schedule, the camp will include evening educational sessions to provide participants with up-to-date information on nutrition, health management, recovery methods, current international ski technique and training planning and execution.

The camp will be the first step in the USSA Development Pipeline for promising young J2 skiers. MTU was chosen as the inaugural site because of the excellent dryland training opportunities, state of the art gym and athletic facilities, convenient and affordable lodging and meals and a central location. The location of the camp is expected to rotate around the U.S. to other great training venues with the camp to be run in the same time slot each summer - the first week of August. Selections were made using a best two of three individual results from USSA Junior Olympics. In addition, each division was allowed discretion of up to one boy and one girl to attend the camp.

"This camp is a welcome addition to a vibrant National development pipeline program which includes selection camps such as Regional Elite Group (REG) camps, National Training Group (NTG) camp, and National Elite Group (NEG) camp, which are all supported and attended by the U.S. Ski Team staff, providing excellent opportunities for learning and inspiration in challenging training camp environments," offered U.S. Ski Team Head Coach, Chris Grover.

The National Cross Country Ski Education Foundation (NCCSEF) has generously committed $5000 in grant support to help underwrite camp expenses so that the cost to the participants is kept as reasonable as possible. Dave Knoop, NCCSEF President comments, “This is exactly the kind of partnership we are trying to support. We recognize the commitment and efforts from the USSA and individual coaches who are all coming together to provide yet another great development opportunity for young, talented skiers. The NCCSEF is working hard to become a key funding organization for creative and long-term projects like this camp as well as other National projects such as the Scandinavian Cup and World Jr/U23 World Championships.”

Congratulations to the athletes for being chosen to participate, to their coaches for guiding them this far, and their Clubs for proving the path towards skiing success. 

Camp staff:
Rick Kapala - Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation, Head Coach/Director
Alison Deines - Jackson Hole Ski Team, Head Coach/Director
Janice Sibilia - New England Nordic Ski Association, Competitive Director
Josh Smullin – Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, Coach
Bryan Fish – U.S. Ski Team, Continental Cup Coach

Invited J2 Girls:
Corey Stock, 15, Cambridge Sports Union, NE
Heather Mooney, 15, Stratton Mtn School, NE
Marion Woods, 14, Alaska Winter Stars, AK
Sloan Storey, 15, Sun Valley Ski Educational Foundation, IM
Maggie Williams, 14, Sun valley Ski Education Foundation, IM
Anika Miller, 14, Payette Lakes Ski Team, IM
Madalyn Pfeifer, 15, Proctor Academy, NE
Celia Haering, 15, APUNSC, AK
Hannah Miller, 15, Craftsbury NSC, NE
Kelsey Phinney, 15, Boulder Nordic, RM
Tristin Lowe, 15, Team Soldier Hollow, IM
Stephanie Kirk, 15, Alaska Nordic Racing, AK
Mary O'Connell, 15, Steamboat Springs WSC, RM
Rachel Hampton, 15, Durango Nordic, RM
Heidi Halvorsen, 14, Green Mtn Valley School, NE
Emily Hannah, 15, Steamboat Springs WSC, RM
Maranada Stopol, 15, Sun Valley SEF, IM
Katrin Larusson, 14, Auburn Ski Club, FW
Lucy Newman, 15, Steamboat Springs WSC, RM
Nicole Bathe, 14, CXC Jr Development Program, MW

Invited J2 Boys:
Cole Morgan, 15, Bridger SF, IM
Patrick Caldwell, 15, Ford Sayre, NE
John Hegman, 15, Mansfield Nordic, NE
Eli Hoenig, 15, Cambridge Sports Union, NE
Aren Burkemo, 15, Team Soldier Hollow, IM
Matthew Nichols, 15, Knicker Nordic, MW
Eric Slater, 15, Minneapolis Ski Club, MW
Marc Jackson, 14, Team Soldier Hollow, IM
Haakon Sigurslid, 14, Durango Nordic, RM
Gino Pastore, 15, Durango Nordic, RM
Austin Hess, 15, Alaska Winter Stars, AK
Christian Shanley, 15, Ski Club Vail, RM
John Glen, 15, Alaska Winter Stars, AK
Max Scrimgeour, 15, Steamboart Springs WSC, RM
Zachary Lindahl, 15, Sun Valley SEF, IM
Bridger Dunnagan, 15, Bridger SF, IM
Jackson Hill, 15, Summit Nordic, RM
Hamish McEwen, 14, Cambridge Sports Union, NE
Kyle Hanson, 15, Lathrop HS, AK
Adam Martin, 15, Knicker Nordic, MW