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NTG camp: even better than I expected

Mon, Jun  21, 2010 - By Pete Vordenberg

I am quite optimistic in general, and also have high goals and have high expectations. The National Training Group camp has been even better than I expected.

Work ethic is high.

Partnership and coaching has been great - here Eli Brown with U of U assists in a time trial, Bruce Cranmer from CU is here helping out, the DU guys were here too.

Head-to-head competition.

Great training groups both pushing each other and helping each other and working together.

Working together, pushing each other, helping each other is a primary reason for holding a camp, and the closer in ability and the more shared the goals of all the people at the camp the more benifit.

Of course coaching is another benifit.

No task too small. In fact all the tasks are small and all the small tasks make up the larger process. It is always day-by-day, workout-by-workout, pole plant-by-pole plant. Here Grover heating a broken tip off a pole.

Learning from each other.

Learning from the coaches - here Bryan Fish at his first camp as a USST coach.

Talent, hard work, right opportunities.

We have what we need to win.

And together we can do it.


more to come from the final days of the NTG...

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