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Michigan Competes for free trees for parks

Fri, Jun  18, 2010 - By Rebecca Humphries

Recently, the Odwalla juice company announced its third annual Odwalla "Plant a Tree" program (PDF). This is a tremendous opportunity to help Michigan state parks and recreation areas - an opportunity for supporters of our state's great outdoors to plant a tree without ever having to lift a shovel! This program allows people across the nation to vote for the state park system where they want trees to be planted.
Last year, Michigan received more than $50,000 in free trees for our state parks and recreation areas. The DNRE planted these trees in areas most heavily affected by the Emerald Ash borer and other exotic forest pests. We plan to do the same this year, but we need residents' help to ensure we capture as many votes - and trees - as possible! Right now, Pennsylvania, Texas and California area leading the pack.
Odwalla has committed $200,000 to the campaign and each vote is equal to $1 that can be used for trees. The number of votes a state receives will determine the number of dollars it earns to purchase and plant trees. Voting began May 25 and will continue through Aug. 15 - or until the $200,000 is exhausted. As of today, there are roughly $150,000 in tree funding still available for voting.
As a subscriber to the DNRE Newswire, you're obviously interested in the health and long-term vitality of our state parks and recreation areas. Here's a way to take action to help them with just the click of a mouse. Please take a moment to vote today at and then help us spread the word to other outdoor enthusiasts. Thanks for helping us to grow Michigan from the ground up, one tree at a time.
Thank you.
Rebecca Humphries, Director, Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment