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National Training Group Camp Underway

Thu, Jun  17, 2010 - By Pete Vordenberg

Update from the NTG.

The National Training Group Camp got underway on June 11th with a time trial up Salt Lake City's famous Agony Hill. This time trial has been used for many, many years and while the start position has had to be moved a few times because of construction of a hospital modern finish times can be compared with the older ones.

Agony starts at the edge of town and heads straight up from there.

The grade is goes from steep to moderate...

With a little gradual section toward the top...

and is the perfect pitch to test aerobic prowess...

A final kick up at the end. The NTG athletes cheer for a teammate.


  1. Alexa Turzian 18:40
  2. Caitlin Patterson 18:40
  3. Kate Dolan 19:20
  4. Sophie Caldwell 19:22
  5. Rebecca Roarabaugh 19:43


  1. Scott Patterson 15:00
  2. Reid Pletcher 15:02
  3. Sylvan Elofsson 15:18
  4. Erik Bjornsen 15:28
  5. Andrew Doughtery 16:13
  6. Rolf Figgi (U of U) 16:29
  7. Ben Fick (independent) 16:38
  8. Tyler Kornfield 16:55
  9. Sam Tarling 16:58

In the afternoon the NTG had a distance session with the emphasis on double pole...

Weather turned from perfect and cool to a downpour. But that didn't matter.

Good work was done regardless. Remember to wear bright clothing when you rollerski and to always be watchful (and of course wear your helmet). The next day we were out at Soldier Hollow...

Andy Newell participating in the NTG camp.

DU coaches Dave Stewart and Hennie Kashiwa assisted with the first three days of the camp. Here in the rain at SoHo.

Liz Stephen training with the NTG on a V1 emphasis session at SoHo. We did no poles and with poles repeats up Hermod's working on the technique.

Today the NTG was again out at SoHo but this time we were doing classical speed including starts (striding into double pole), transitions (tuck into double pole into striding), drop-in's (assisted speed double pole). We did a few of each at about 90% and then a few of each head-to-head. This afternoon is an easy distance run of up to an hour and a half.

More ahead!

Many of the NTG athletes were members of the J1, WJC and U-23 teams last years and in past years. These competition trips are largely paid for by the athletes themselves and NCCSEF. Supporting NCCSEF supports these and many more athletes as they rise through the development pipeline toward the World Cup, World Championship and in the future Olympic podium results. These athletes come from and are still members of your local clubs and teams and colleges. They are our skiers - as in your skiers - as in the USA's skiers. There is talking and there is taking part. Take part and support US cross country ski racing:

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