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Rollerskiing bill before Michigan legislature

Mon, Jun  7, 2010 - By Randy Bladel

A friend tipped me off about this bill before the state legislature. I find it mostly common sense, but I object to the daylight only and helmet rules. Work and the decreasing light in the fall force me to sometimes end my skis in the dark, though with lots of lights and reflectors. Of course, the part of the bill requiring reflectors is incongruous with the part limiting rollerskiing to daylight, anyway.

It also bothers me that the bill does not give rollerskiers any rights to protect them from aggressive and inattentive motorists, such as a five-foot passing rule.

Those of you who are Michigan residents should consider contacting your representatives about this bill.


May 4, 2010, Introduced by Reps. Lindberg, Roy Schmidt, McDowell, Lahti, Nerat, Sheltrown and Liss and referred to the Committee on Transportation.

A bill to amend 1949 PA 300, entitled "Michigan vehicle code,"

(MCL 257.1 to 257.923) by adding section 660e.


    Sec. 660e. (1) Except as provided in subsection (2), a person

may use roller skis on the streets and highways of this state and

in areas and on paths set aside for the use of bicycles as provided

in this section. A person who uses roller skis shall do all of the


(a) Only use roller skis during the daytime between sunrise

    and sunset.

(b) Only use roller skis on a street, highway, path, or other

    area that is open to public use by bicyclists and roller skiers.

(c) Use a bicycle lane or the shoulder of a street or highway,

    if available.

(d) Travel on a street, highway, path, or other area in the

    same direction as vehicular travel.

(e) Travel on the far right side of a street, highway, path,

    or area.

(f) Refrain from unnecessary movement when being passed by a

    motor vehicle.

(g) Proceed in single file, except when passing.

(h) Wear a properly secured helmet on his or her head.

(i) Wear clothing bearing or containing reflecting material.

(2) A local unit of government may adopt an ordinance

    prohibiting the use of roller skis as described in subsection (1)

    on streets and highways, paths, and other areas within its