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Birkie winner provides training log

Tue, Jun  8, 2010 - By CXC Academy

This season Matt Liebsch (the winner of the 2009 American Birkebeiner and Top 30 World Cup finisher) will provide a duplicate of his training log, comments, and notes that corresponds with one week of each training period.  This, along with running tips, bike workouts, and narratives by other top-level Elite athletes makes the third installment of CXC Academy better than ever!

As you might imagine, there are many different applications for this type of open-ended coaching tool.  Some people who used CXC Academy include:

  • 32 coaches from all different levels
  • 31 High School skiers
  • 44 Citizen Racers
  • 5 members of the US Adaptive Ski Team
  • 5 Elite Skate Wave Birkie Skiers
  • 15 Wave 1 Skate Birkie Skiers
  • 43 Wave 2 Skiers
  • 24 Wave 3 Skiers
  • 25 Wave 4 Skiers
  • 15 Wave 5 Skiers
  • 12 Wave 6 Skiers
  • 3 Wave 7 Skiers
  • 1 Wave 8 Skier
  • 3 Wave 9 Skiers

As the numbers indicate, there is something for everyone in CXC Academy, and we will be posting new information throughout the entire 2010/2011 season to help you get the most out of year-round ski training. CXC Academy Info.