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Latest Birkie Trail Work

Tue, May  25, 2010 - By Birkie

We've been removing downed trees and rocks from the trail already this Spring. We held a successful Trail work morning on May 1 and removed rocks and raked the parking lot expansion at "OO". This area has been seeded and will soon become a play and recreation area for use mid-summer and fall, and then function as parking after the ground freezes this winter.

Planned and proposed trail projects include:

  • Fixing the downhill corner at C25K on the Classic trail to make it a little more skier friendly
  • Mowing the trails in June and again in September
  • Removing overhanging branches and side brush from the entire trail system
  • Potentially widening portions of the in-bound Kortelopet Trail
  • Potentially adding a small deck on the south side of the OO warming building
  • Potentially constructing small storage and shelter buildings at two of the food stations

Some of the projects are contingent on funding and the Birkie budget process that we are now going through. Trail maintenance now costs us about $130,000 annually. You may be aware that a portion of our trail expenses are covered by the ski trail fees and donations, which we greatly appreciate.

The Birkie Trail Friends program also helps us significantly. You, your family or a group of your friends can get together and sponsor a kilometer on the trail system. Birkie Trail Friends have already sponsored many Birkie and Birkie Classic Trail kilometers, but several Ks still need sponsors. More information about becoming a Birkie Trail Friend is available here. The American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization and donations are tax deductible, so please consider helping.