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Post card reminders going out to Michigan Cuppers

Mon, May  3, 2010 - By Ken Dawson

I want to thank everyone that responded to me about the Michigan Cup results mailing and their overwhelming choice to print the results from instead of having to duplicate the expense to mail them. Unfortunately, not everyone has a computer or goes to the website and with over 400 Michigan Cup members I only received 41 replies indicating the need not to mail results.

Thanks to Greg Worrell of NSR for his suggestion on how to implement a plan which gives everyone a choice. The plan is to send out post cards to the remainder of team members instructing them where they can print the results from NSR website in addition they can email me a request for a mailing and we will more than happy to send a copy out.  The post cards are an inexpensive way of informing everyone and giving them the choice. Only those that respond with an email will get a mailed copy.

At the next Michigan Cup meeting we will discuss the distribution of results for next year and beyond.

Have a great summer.
Ken Dawson