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CXC Academy 2010/2011 training season III begins April 26

Mon, Apr  26, 2010 - By CXC Skiing


Dear current and future members of the CXC Academy,

April 26 will highlight the beginning of Training Season III in CXC Academy. Here are some of the new and exciting additions that will be taking place:


New this season, Matt Liebsch, the winner of the 2009 American Birkebeiner & Top 30 World Cup finisher, gives you a glimpse into how he trains and records training for one week of each Period. You can then compare how his progression from Period 1, Week 1 compares to the same week in Period 5. Over the past several seasons Matt has used a custom developed CXC training plan that finds its foundation in the plan we are sharing with you here. Matt's comments on each day's training can also be seen in italics throughout the training periods.

In addition to Matt Liebsch's invaluable contribution, there will also be helpful training tips for biking and running. Justin Easter, CXC Director of Education and Two-Time NCAA Division III Track and Field Champion, will provide insight into running mechanics and its assimilation into ski training. Running can be one of the single best weight-bearing exercises for a cross country skier, and Justin will help you get the most out of this training tool.

We strongly suggest you work through the Yearly Overview Steps 1, 2 and 3 that will help you determine where your annual training volume should be, give an indication of what intensity levels the majority of your training will be conducted at, and assess how you are progressing through the training periods. It is a good idea to come back to these simple steps periodically throughout the year to make sure that you are progressing through the periods in a way that will help you ski FAST!

General aerobic distance training and general body resistance strength will dominate period one. The period also provides a great opportunity to run, bike or even go for a canoe or kayak for general aerobic distance training. Get out for a ski once or twice a week to maintain ski specificity. Also, make sure to do an over distance effort 3 of the 4 weeks. The main goal of period one is to maintain the gains achieved over the competition season. Intensity does take a backseat to aerobic distance and strength, but intensity should not be eliminated


  • Agility Clinic with Bryan Fish: improving ski specific technique - part 1 and 2

The root of Nordic Skiing is running and jumping movements. Learning run and jump mechanics is the first step in improving ski specific technique. Complex ski movements are nothing more than basic movement patterns linked together. The goal is to learn these general movement patterns in a format that is enjoyable, athletic and develops a strong connection to ski specific movements.

  • General Adaptation Syndrome with Randy Hill - part 3 and 4

Dr. Hill explores the concepts behind General Adaptation Syndrome, and how the body responds to fatigue, recovery, and the benefits found in the body's compensation afterward. Dr. Hill addresses several different methods of periodized training - from weekly cycles to 4 year cycles aimed at Olympic peaks.

  • Using "Log It!" Training Log for Endurance Athletes

Every season should start with a plan. A training log lays out the basics for planning, goals, hours and periodization. Keep it simple so it's easy to record. Some people keep logs on their computer and some find it easier to record regularly if their log is a book that they keep by their bed and write in every night. Taking the time to plan your season will make your training much more valuable.

  • Coaches Corner Notes Series | Importance of Jump Mechanics for Nordic Skiing - PDF download.


Currently we're finishing our 13th final training period of the Season II. Please take note of some of the changes that will be taking place shortly. Just like in any training we will be starting over with Training Period 1 due to be published on April 26. Because there is no practical reason for our members to have access to all of the training plans of Season II, we will be disabling links to Training Periods 1 through 12 shortly meaning you will no longer have access to the training plans from last Season. Like always, each new period will be published one day prior to the actual date the period begins and offer three training plan samples based on 250, 400 and 550 training hours a year. Starting in October the American Birkebeiner Training Program and High School Racing Training Plan Samples will be added to the list of training plans.

All of the Video Extras will remain in the CXC Academy Video Library available to be viewed on demand 24/7. With each period we will be adding something new, depending on the time of year the training period falls into there will be new interviews with professionals, videos on waxing, technique and more.

Our CXC Academy Team is excited to get started on a new Season. We'd like to extend our thank you to all of you who have subscribed and trained with us in the past. We're also happy to welcome the many of you subscribing right now to get an early start. We'll work hard to live up to your expectations and demands.

Central Cross Country Ski Association

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