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Help save the Michigan Cup $1,200

Thu, Apr  22, 2010 - By Ken Dawson

The Michigan Cup results are now posted as a PDF on In the past we have always mailed the results to each Michigan Cup member as part of their membership dues. Although Michigan Cup has the funds to continue this program we thought it would be prudent to minimize unnecessary costs by asking those who visit this website on a regular basis to let us know if they can print the PDF from this site.

It costs approximately $3.00 for each mailing and for each individual that prints their own results the Michigan Cup would be able to use that money for other important purposes. We have approximately 400 membership mailings and for every person who agrees to access this site we will reduce the number of mailings required.

We ask that you respond to the email address below if you do NOT want the results mailed to you. For anyone who does not respond we will mail the results as done in the past so it is important to respond as soon as possible. Our date for mailing the results is Monday April 26th so we need to hear from you before that date.

Please send your response to:

Ken Dawson
Michigan Cup Scorer