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Casco Upsolute RS Comp rollerski helmet

First Looks

Tue, Apr  6, 2010 - By Mike Muha

CASCO is shipping the world’s first helmet specialized for roller skiers and developed with help from biathlete and multiple Olympic medal winner Ole Einar Bjørndalen. The helmet has a "gun barrel protection bar" - a leather protector strip - that lessens rifle impact and possible abrasion. The helmet is carried by Chi Sports in the USA.

CASCO, which specializes in developing premium quality helmets (as well as their great Nordic Eyewear), will supply the Canadian National Biathlon Team with specially-designed helmets for roller skiing while carrying a rifle during the summer months.

All protective helmets are tested and developed under extreme conditions, guaranteeing perfect protection and wearing comfort for the end user. CASCO’s special products are for the world-class athletes therefore serve as the basis for their products available later in the shops.

Casco Upsolute RS rollerski helmet

The helmet comes in two sizes:

  • Size M = 52 - 58cm
  • Size L = 58 - 62cm

Features include:

Monocoque™-plus. In the CASCO Monocoque™-Inmold-process, outer shell and shock absorbing inner shell are jointed to an inseparable component. This creates a lightweight as well as extremely solid composite with the highest stress values and a perfect joint fi nish. In addition, Monocoque™plus offers complete coverage of the helmet body for maximum stiffness and shock absorption.

Real Leather interior

Casco Upsolute RS rollerski helmet

Fresh Air ventilation. A sophisticated ventilation system within the inner shell solves the airfl ow, for this the number of vents in the helmet is of secondary importance.

FrameWorx. Internal all around pc-frame for maximised security. Impact energy is passed on to a larger surface, ensures that keyparts of the helmet cannot fall apart during multiple impact.


Casco Upsolute RS rollerski helmet