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Rossignol announces RED - WHITE - BLUE athlete support program

Wed, Mar  31, 2010 - By Ira Edwards

Rossignol RED-WHITE-BLUE programDear Athlete/Coach,

I would like to take this time to introduce myself for those of you who do not know me. My name is Ira Edwards, and I am a Nordic Technical Representative for Rossignol Ski Company. I have been racing and now working for Rossignol for over 17 years and involved in Nordic ski racing for even longer. I am also the Director of the RED-WHITE-BLUE Support Program and am again looking forward to continuing Rossignol’s support of Nordic Skiing in the USA.

Rossignol produces the best ski equipment in the world and we have helped to support hundreds of Junior, Collegiate, Senior, Elite, and World Cup skiers. Recently, many of the best skiers and biathletes in the USA including Tim Burke, Torin Koos, Liz Stephen, Chris Cook, and Steinbock Racing have skied on Rossignol products. With a new state of art race line for 2010-11, Rossignol can also help you achieve your Nordic Ski Racing goals.

The goal of the Rossignol Red/White/Blue Program (PDF) is to help support Nordic Ski Racing and to take the sport to new levels in the USA. The Red/White/Blue Support Program offers greater levels of support as the athlete shows greater commitment and results. The program is a feeder program for Rossignol’s elite program which helps feed the US Ski Team. We have the top race department in the industry which allows athletes to take the next step in their racing career. In return, the Rossignol expectation is that you will endorse our product and this great sport by being active in the ski community and be enthusiastic about the sport. We feel that this program has and will continue to increase the number of people skiing in the USA which will fuel successful racing in the future.

Your equipment will be hand selected by myself from the Rossignol Race Room, along with the equipment for our Elite and US Ski Team athletes. We work closely with the manufacturing facilities of our skis and also with our World Cup Servicemen to ensure that we can provide the best equipment to our athletes. Please review some information about our company and products in this brochure (PDF) and on our website, If you are interested in any of our programs, please follow the directions for application. All applications will be due by May 1, 2010 via email to me. I will review your resume and to determine where you best fit within the Rossignol family. With our new budgetary calendar, we will now be able to ship all gear well prior to the season in order to allow you to fully prepare for your 10-11 racing season. Please contact me if there are any questions concerning our RED-WHITE-BLUE support programs.

Have a great spring and I look forward to hearing from you!

Ira Edwards
The Rossignol Group
RED-WHITE-BLUE Support Program Director
Mobile: (907) 440-9112