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Team Vasa leads Michigan Cup

Michigan Cup

Mon, Mar  1, 2010 - By Ken Dawson

Just what everyone has been looking for, the team scores as we get down to crunch time. This year is unique because we have a new scoring system that counts everyone’s race with no limit on individual races. The formula scores 20% junior points and 80% senior points in addition to time trials and relays.   I have also included my backup document that shows how teams were scored.

Several people email me about being on a certain team when in fact I do not have them listed on a roster. I want to be fair with everyone so I ask that you go through your team captain so he can justify adding you to that team. In some cases there was an updated roster and I simply did not include it, or often times was overlooked by your team.  I ask that you also copy Ernie on this so he can make sure people are not just being added at the last second in order to get more team points. My defense is I am just the score keeper and I go with the information I have.

The current scoring including team time trials are:

1.     Team Vasa – 29,070
2.     CCSH – 28,356
3.     HH/CCSS – 25,463
4.     GRNST – 20,256
5.     SS – 19,835
6.     NSR – 18,135

Results used to calcuate team standings: Excel spreadsheet or PDF.

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