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Invest in Groomer for Independence Lake!

You Can Help!

Tue, Dec  20, 2005 - By Ron Sell

I've been talking to Bill Kaltz at Independence Lake County Park and anxious to help him out and get some good grooming going around here. Bill is doing a great job with what he has but the equipment is very limited.

I tracked down someone who has a used Tidd Tech groomer and a Skidoo Alpine for sale (perfect combination for around here) and is willing to sell for a very reasonable price if we use it locally and he can be involved.

I propose we put together a group of "investors", either formally or informally at say $100 per share to buy the equipment and loan it to Bill for grooming at Independence Lake. Equipment would remain property of the group ("Washtenaw Ski Grooming Council"?) and perhaps be available for other locations or future local events. I would be happy to coordinate, be responsible for training and oversee maintenance, etc.
We would need to find 10-15 people to contribute. I think this should be quite possible and I'd like to get this going quickly, while we have snow.

If you're interested in "investing" or want more information, contact me at