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Three VASA videos!

Wed, Feb  17, 2010 - By Dave Durbin

Three videos: first lap of the 50K, second lap of the 50K, and the 27K, all at the Rock.

50K Race, 1st lap:

View from the Rock. Thanks for the footage Tommy V.! This clip starts with the leader (and eventual winner) and shows the 50k freestyle skiers in order (green bibs).

50K Race, 2nd lap

Vasa 50k 2nd Lap at the Rock. Unfortunately we missed the leader on the 2nd lap. We picked it up with the skier in 2nd place at the time and tried to keep the skiers in order after that (green bibs).

27K Race at the Rock

Video from the Rock. Thanks Tommy V for the footage! This video starts with the leaders and tries to spot the 27k skate skiers in order(white bibs). Sorry for any omissions.