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Burchfield Park Serious about Skating

Mon, Dec  19, 2005 - By Andy Stevens

As I recently posted in the trail review section, I was surprised to see Burchfield Park in Holt groomed, more or less, for skating. That motivated me to sit down with the park management to discuss grooming. I was encouraged by the conversation.

Management expressed several times while we were talking that they are committed to providing skate skiing, and really wanted to push it. It sounded like they had done some research during the off season, with a trip to a ski area in Midland. The manager also expressed that they should have a roller, and that if they do not have it they will. This was definitely some exciting news!

At this point we then discussed grooming in general. No one at Burchfield skate skis and very few stride. The manager seemed very receptive to some general tips on grooming. I discussed with them different drags that can be used until the roller shows up. Also we talked about how often to groom, how to set up a trail and that grooming at night is the best time to groom.

Needless to say I am very excited about having a place to ski that offers both striding and skating in the Lansing area. The manager expressed one concern, and that was with the effort they are putting in to providing skate skiing that no one will show up to use the trails. So please, if you are a skier in central Michigan please come, pay your park fee, and enjoy the trails.

Conditions will probably not be perfect for a while as they figure how to use their grooming equipment. So please be patient with them and let them know how much you enjoy the trail.

Andy Stevens

For general information about the park, directions and fees please visit the following web address: