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Toko reintroduces Wax Coach

Tue, Feb  2, 2010 - By Mike Muha

After long neglect, Toko has finally updated its Toko Wax Coach, catching back up to the Fast Wax, Solda, and Swix.  The Wax Coach lets you input conditions and it makes a wax recommendation.  The Toko Wax Coach makes its recommendation on three levels:

  1. Leisure/Recreational,
  2. Ambitious/Expert, and
  3. Professional/Racing

The recommendation is made in the form of a base layer, a race layer (HF), and a top layer (JetStream).

Here's the input screen:

Toko Wax Coach

Select the type of wax, the ability level (higher ability = higher cost!), the snow temperature, and the type of snow, then press search. Interestingly, the wax caoch does not ask for humidity level. I've always found humidty to helpful in choosing waxes, particularly in Michigan.

After pressing Search, you get wax recommendations AND instructions for applying the wax. Very nice.

Toko Wax Coach

I'm very glad Toko has reinvented their Wax Coach after it's long absence.

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