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Saturday is Social Ski Day at Hanson Hills

Fri, Jan  22, 2010 - By Justin Andre

Dear MI-Cup Skiers,

Hanson Hills would like to invite everyone one up for a SOCIAL SKI DAY at Hanson Hills seeing that the Garland Race(s) have been cancelled.

I will be opening up our (Archery Bldg) Saturday January 23rd at 9:00am…  Enjoy Delicious GOODALE Doughnuts and Coffee, compliments of the Grayling Recreation Authority…  At 10:00am…  start the social skiing!!  I was hoping to get a good mix of the teams together for a high quality “TRAINING DAY”-or social gathering…  The only things that we as is that you purchase a day pass(if you don’t have a membership)…and have a good time.. The Archery Bldg will be open all day to MI-Cup skiers…

Justin Andre