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Photos: Day 1 and 2

US Championships

Mon, Jan  11, 2010 - By Pete Vordenberg

Kikkan Randall, Kristina Trygstad-Saari.

Men's final (good crowd of spectators).

Women's final (Randall, Rebecca Dussault, Laura Valaas...)

Men's final (Simi Hamilton, and crew).

Kris Freeman.

Tad Elliott.

Holly Brooks.

Kikkan Randall, distance race.

Caitlin Compton.

Liz Stephen.

Morgan Arritola.

With teams to the J1 trip, Junior Worlds, and Under-23 Worlds being picked at these championships it is very important to visit to see how these trips are funded, how you can be a part of it, and to get a good idea how the J1/JWC and U-23 trips fit into the general development pipeline for skiing in the USA.  This is our future.  Be a part of it.

(vordenberg photos.  thank you to the hearty volunteers.)

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