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New Swix Racing Service and US Web Site

Sun, Dec  4, 2005 - By Mike Muha

From Swix press release:

The first Subaru Swix Sport USA Technical team met for 3 days in West Yellowstone, Montana along w/ National Sales manager Steven Poulin, Research & Product Development Analyst Rob Kiesel and new Director of Racing Services for the USA, Kevin Sweeney.

For the first time, Swix Sport USA has developed a racing service team that will be present at all major Nordic events in every region of the USA providing racing services and retailer support. The focus of this symposium was to review history of Swix, review marketing strategy, review entire product line, discuss and have a hands on waxing application session, discuss new products, and detail a schedule of events the Swix Nordic Tech Reps (SNTR) will attend in 2005-06.

The development of the SNTR Team coincides with the launching of Swix Sport USA’s new website This website will be the main vehicle for the team to post wax reports, recommendations and racing service notes.


The new web site is far easier to use a navigate than the main Swix web site, (In fact, this site is far easier to use than the competitor site, There a links to the Swix Wax Wizard and the the Swix School.

One of the most valuable areas of the site if the Wax Recommendation section. A map breaks the US into various regions. Clicking on a region brings up a list of races in the region. In the Great Lakes region, all Michigan Cup races are listed.

The wax recommendations will be in the form of a PDF file. (For an example, see the West Yellowstone SuperTourSprints Wax Recommendation.)

Races in bold indicate that the Swix Nordic Tech Reps will be in attendance. So far, only three races nationwide are in bold - none in Michigan or Ohio. I would expect other races to be added.

The is a worthy and useful web site for both racers using Swix waxes and for skiers using other waxes who want to know what the competition is using.

Good job Swix.