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Michaywé trail system will be groomed this season

Thu, Dec  24, 2009 - By Mike Muha

The Michaywé Board of Directors voted at their special meeting on Tuesday December 22, 2009 to re-open the cross country ski trails as soon as possible. The staff began grooming the ski trails on Wednesday morning.

The trail grooming budget had originally been slated for elimination this season as part of a broader cost cutting move.
The goal is for these amenities to be available for use by the Michaywé Membership on Saturday December 26, 2009. Although a Michaywé Membership amenity, Michaywé openly invites the public to ski the trail system. There is no trail fee.

THe best place to park is near the Inn the Woods Restaurant. The public is welcome to eat in the restaurant. Please tell them you're cross country skiers so they know that non-member skiers support Michaywé.


Michaywe ski trails