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The Fast Wax ski wax story

Wed, Dec  23, 2009 - By Dan Meyers

Chapter 1 Ski Waxing Research and Development

Fast Wax cross country ski waxThe Fast Wax development really began when I first started skiing. I soon learned that if my skis were waxed really well there was distinct advantage over other skiers. The problem was inconsistency in the waxing process.  With a background in the structure/properties of polymers and polymer blends, the curiosity of how ski waxes worked and what made a good waxing started the learning curve on the waxing process.

A lab was setup and the development started for skis waxes.  From this testing of hardness, melting point and other tests began the developing of a database of wax properties to classify waxes and correlate the wax properties to performance.  Next was to use the data to optimize wax blends for skiing.

A key break came when the Stillwater Nordic team began trying and racing on Fast Wax and winning State Championships.  The research network grew to include citizen racers and elite racers etc... After several years of testing and encouragement from ski racers and a local ski shop willing to sell the wax, confident that Fast Wax was a winning ski wax, and the name was chosen by the high school racers who were often heard to say, "I want that Fast Wax."

Chapter 2 The New Wax on the Block

The leap to production and retail sales began in 1994 when Finn Sisu began selling Fast Wax.  Their decision provided a strong endorsement to the word-of-mouth popularity that Fast Wax was gaining, and other area shops agreed to carry Fast Wax as well. Still, many skiers were afraid to try the new wax. It just didn’t seem possible that an inexpensive wax sold in plastic bags could perform as well as the name brand waxes with their glitzy packages. And many stores were simply not willing to add an unknown wax to their shelves, regardless of test results. Clearly, a package upgrade and name recognition were going to be needed to make Fast Wax commercially viable. In 1997 Fast Wax changed to a new heavy-duty (but still recyclable) package, began advertising, and started selling wax nationwide.

Chapter 3 Growing by Leaps and Bounds

The Fast Wax line has grown into a comprehensive glide wax system for both Nordic and Alpine skiers.

Fast Wax maintains an uncompromising mission- top quality at a reasonable price. Two unique factors contribute to the success of Fast Wax: broad effective temperature ranges that create superior performance in changing conditions, and the affordable Highly Fluorinated Racing Wax.  The owners of Fast Wax are committed to serving the skiing community and contribute to all levels including youth programs, development programs, and masters’ programs.


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