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Snowmobile Thiefs Caught by Local Cross Country Skier!

Sun, Nov  27, 2005 - By Justin Andre

November 27, 2005 (7am): Local Sheriff's Department, State Police and DNR officers were stumped early this morning as two snowmobile thief's were wandering about in the Nordic ski trail system. Local skier Steve Seager was just arriving at Hanson Hills Recreation Area for his morning 100K ski when he noticed a Michigan State Trooper sitting in the parking lot.  Being a concerned citizen Steve figured he would wake the officer up so that he could be back to the station for his shift change. The officer told Steve that they had tracked two stolen snowmobiles to the Recreation Area. 
Steve kindly offered his help, and in one motion Steve was in his blue and red suit skating away with his red cape trailing behind. Using the right wax, Steve was able to locate the criminals, who were now on foot just off of the Green Trail. Steve confronted the guys, asking how they were doing.  They proceeded to tell the story that their 4x4 truck had been taken and they decided to hike through the beautiful wooded forest.  Steve was keen to their lies and took off back to the parking lot area where he had left the State Trooper. 
On his arrival the Trooper was surprised to hear of Steve's discovery. The Trooper was then in a panic... "How am I supposed to get back there?" he asked Steve. Steve then did the impossible, he told the Trooper to get on his back and he would carry him... 
The Trooper climbed onto Steve's back and he was off again down the perfectly groomed trail, back to where he spotted the criminals. Luckily the thief's were not too much further down the trail. The Trooper hopped off of Steve's back, drew his gun and shouted the textbook line "FREEZE!" The men were escorted back to the parking lot and straight to jail. Now knowing justice had been done, Steve carried on to complete his morning 100K.
This is a mostly true story...... 
3 things can be learned from this story...
1. Don't Steal!
2. Don't Drive Snowmobiles on Hanson Hills Nordic Ski Trails
3. You can never out run the Law?... XC Skiers!