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Norwegian wax truck


Mon, Nov  23, 2009 - By Knut Nystad

Norwegian cross country ski wax truckHealth and safety first! Service staff have been complaining a long time about working conditions in wax cabins. Packing and unpacking of skis, poles, waxes and other equipment has been for them very tiring. Not speaking about tough working conditions. Proper ventilation can solve this problem.

Team Sweden and Norway, however, came with a different approach. They hit the road of the new Wolrd Cup Cross-Country season 2009/10 with their waxing trucks. All the equipment is inside. Cross-Country TV was invited by Knut Nystad, chief of Norwegian service into their brand new trailor. It weighs 34 t, 4,7 m wide and 18,7 m long. It is simply huge.

Visit the inside of the Norwegian wax truck with Knut Nystad.