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We’re skiing on snow!

Mon, Nov  16, 2009 - By Audrey Weber, CXC Team Vertical Elite

From the CXC Team Veritcal Limit Blog...


The team rolled into good Ole West Yellowstone, Montana Friday afternoon.  We have all been anxiously monitoring the weather forecast and were pleased to be greeted by ample snow here in town. My assessment is that there is already more snow here than any point last November.

CIMG2492We hurried out for our first ski on the trails and found the skiing to be great.  The groomer had just made its first pass on the Deja View and Rendez Vu loops.  They say they’ll set the classic tracks once the base is established.  As far as first skis of the season go, this was an ideal one.  I thought ahead this year and scraped my rock skis before I left home and even ironed in a layer of binder.  Normally, my first ski of the year requires me to frantically scrape my skis in a parking lot, racing daylight to squeeze in an hour of skiing before it’s too dark.  I even remembered at the last minute to grab a pair of poles with baskets rather than roller tips.  

The one thing I sort of forgot was how to dress for winter. Yesterday I did my last rollerski intervals in Utah wearing shorts and a t-shirt, so it was a little shocking 4 hours down the road to roll into town to 20 degree weather and piles of this weird white stuff.

After our ski Brian Gregg fixed us a delicious dinner of chicken curry, and for dessert we split a couple of pomegranates while we regaled each other with tales of the nutritional merits of the fruit.

CIMG2496We are all very excited also to be breaking out all our new equipment: apparel from Vertical Limit, poles from Swix, and skis from Salomon.  Our warm ups from Vertical Limit seem awesome.  We are also anxious to try out the new boards now that we know there’s enough snow to upgrade from rock skis.

Right now Gregg, Kelly, Gus, Karl, Igor, Fish, and myself are here.  We will be joined by the rest of the team after the weekend.  Also in town are Kevin Patzoldt and Mark Johnson from Minnesota Biathlon.  We’ll see who else shows up around here in the coming days…