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What's new in skating skis

Thu, Nov  12, 2009 - By Bob Frye

What new in skating skis this year? Here's rating and recommendations for a few of the new skating cross country skis from Salomon, Rossignol, Fischer, and Atomic. (See more details at the Cross Country Ski Headquarters web site).

Skating Skis 
2010 Salomon Equip 10 Lab Skate cross country ski 
2010 Salomon Equipe 10 Lab
The easiest skiing racing ski ever. This ski is an all wheel drive rocket. The stiff yet low carbon-powered camber provides phenomenally efficient energy transfer on all surfaces and terrain. Comes in cold or warm Bases and medium or stiff flexes.
XCSKIHQ Demo Rating: *****
Width: 41/43/42/44
Weight: 1000 grams/186cm
  179cm 110-154 lbs
  186cm 143-176 lbs
  191cm 165-220 lbs
2010 Rossignol Zynex Skating cross country ski 
2010 Rossignol Zynex Skating
A ski designed for the recreational skate skier. Easy to learn on, light weight, stable and high-end features like the Racing Cobra tip make this ski a great value
XCSKIHQ Demo Rating: ****
Width: 42/45/44/44  
Weight: 1340 grams/180cm
  170cm: 100 -135 lbs
  180cm: 135-170 lbs
  190cm: 170-205 lbs
2010 Fischer SCS Skating cross country ski
2010 Fischer SCS Skating
Fischer's Air Core construction, Ultra Finish World Cup Pro Universal Base for all temperature and snow conditions, Power Edge and computer flex control for perfectly matched skis. This full length skate ski has to be one of the best values in the whole skating world! They are very fast and most enjoyable to ski!!
XCSKIHQ Demo Rating: ****
Width:  Two hourglass sidecuts one above the tail and one below the tip
Weight: 1290 grams/187cm
  177cm: 110-155 lbs
  182cm: 120-165 lbs
  187cm: 155-179 lbs
  192cm: 175-220 lbs
2010 Fischer SC Skatecut cross country ski
2010 Fischer SC Skatecut
Great performance skate ski (stiffest skate ski for its price) and great choice for recreation skaters and citizen Racers. The SC is very durable and lighter than ever because of it's AirTec construction made with FUMA (lightweight wood from environmentally friendly sources) With the SkateCut technology, UltraFinish World Cup Pro Graphite Base and PowerEdge the SC is fast, stable and easy to ski uphills on!
XCSKIHQ Demo Rating: ****
Width:   Two hourglass sidecuts one above the tail and one below the tip
Weight: 1310 grams/187cm
  172cm: 80-120 lbs
  177cm: 110-140 lbs
  182cm: 120-155 lbs
  187cm: 150-185 lbs
  192cm: 180-240 lbs
2010 Atomic Pro Skate cross country ski 
2010 Atomic Pro Skate
The Semis Beta profile provides great support and stability. The High Densolite core makes them very light weight yet strong. The Carbon ptex-300 base is easy to wax and very durable.
XCSKIHQ Demo Rating: ***3/4
Width: 45/42/45 Semibeta sidecut
Weight: 1270 grams/184cm
  172cm: 99-143 lbs
  178cm: 110-154 lbs
  184cm: 143-176 lbs
  190cm: 154-209+ lbs


Junior Skating Skis

2010 Fischer RCS Junior Skate cross country ski
2010 Fischer RCS Junior Skate
Air Core, Power Edge, World Cup Pro Base with Race Finish make this the best Junior Skating ski you can get! These skis are very fast and they feature the same construction and technologies as those in the top RCS skis
XCSKIHQ Demo Rating: *****
Width: 41/44//44
Weight: 970 grams/157cm
  172cm: 75 - 100 lbs
   177cm: 195 - 145 lbs
2010 Fischer SC Junior Skate cross country ski
2010 Fischer SC Junior Skate
AirChannel core, UltraTuning, Sintec Base. The best value for young skate skiers.
XCSKIHQ Demo Rating: ****
  122cm: under 45 lbs
  132cm: 45 - 55 lbs
  142cm: 50 - 60 lbs
  152cm: 55 - 65 lbs
  162cm: 55 - 70 lbs.