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Butch says, 'It's one sexy trail'

Hanson Hills

Sat, Nov  12, 2005 - By Justin Andre

Just wanted to let everyone know that we have re-routed our trails at Hanson Hills once again this year. The major changes are on the Red trail, which is now a completely new trail system. 
The main things we looked at for the re-route were:  Ease of grooming, less 4x4 and snowmobile traffic, and sex appeal!  Skiers will travel through some really scenic areas that actually hold snow! You will twist and turn through many different areas that you would normally only see in the summer and only if you are on a mountain bike.  If someone gets hurt, they are not 4 miles away from help like on the old trail.
You won't be dissappointed!  It is one sexy trail! (Quote: Butch Stockton).
Hopefully we will not get the snowmobile and 4x4 traffic like we have in the past. 
On the serious note we are very excited about this new trail system... and it will hopefully prove itself to be one of the better trail systems in the state.  It is really great to have serious skiers and great friends all in the same to help in the new development of the trail system and in turning a new leaf in the development of Hanson Hills Recreation Area. 
I have attached a quick gps map that I have made until the Michigan National Guard is finished working on our new trail maps.
Just wanted to keep you updated!
Justin Andre
GRA Director
New Trail System
(Click on the image for an even larger map)