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Are You Into It?

Fri, Oct  30, 2009 - By Pete Vordenberg

Are you into it?


The competition is.  This shot is from a Kenyan track meet from last February.  At the recent USOC International Altitude Conference that Matt, Bryan Fish and I attended there was a report about the Kenyan runners, talks given by the foremost physiologists in altitude preparation and talks given by the likes of Deena Kastor and Michael Phelps' coaches.  I'll post a short report about it later... in the mean time: Train, don't complain.  And,

Get into it.

Work together.

Reach beyond your comfort zone.

Get in the zone.

Get into it to get something out of it.

Way into it.

But don't get into this.



Be ready.

Train hard, rest well.

Get better every day.

When it is time, go as fast as you can.

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