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Great Lakes JO Team Selection

Fri, Oct  5, 2012 - By Nick Baic

1. GLD JO Team Automatic Qualification Standards: Athletes skiing in the US Nationals/WJC/Scandinavian Trip tryouts and finishing within 10% back of the Top 5 Jrs. at the event will qualify for the team automatically. Some of these athletes may qualify outside our 42 skier District quota.
2. Scoring is based on the GLD Point List (USSA Listed Updated thoughout the season). Scoring is your % back of the  top three in your Age Group at GLD JOQ’s.  See Appendix A below.  Age Groups are Boys and Girls J2 and JI/OJ, for a total of 4 groups. Athletes may also request the GLD Trip Leaders/Coaching Staff to use JOQ or NRL results from other districts or regions up to February 14th 2010.  OJ’s skiing for a college team (non red-shirted) may use their points from the MW collegiate points list.
3. J2’s must  average less than 450 points using their best 2 FS and best 2 CL races to qualify.  J1’s must average less than 350 in their best 2 FS and best 2 CL races to qualify.  OJ’s must average less than 250 in their best 2 FS and best 2 CL races to qualify.  Skiers previous season points will be used as a basis for scoring races until said skier has 2 FS and 2 CL races from which to score.  Skiers with no prior points will start at 650.
4. Team Size is limited to 42 skiers qualifying through the JOQs using the District quota. If more skiers meet the qualification standards than the District Allotment, athletes will be selected in the following order:
    A. Automatic Qualification Standard.
    B. GLD Point List ( Top 2 FS and Top 2 CL Averaged together)
    C. If there are enough qualified skiers in an age class, at least three
         athletes will be chosen in each age class.
5. Coaches' Discretion: If there are extra spots available, coaches' discretion may be used to fill the roster at the top end.  Examples include an injured athlete, a collegiate athlete, or an otherwise qualified athlete who did not meet the criteria in 2 FS and 2 CL JOQ’s due to injury or sickness.  This discretion will not be used to just fill the roster.

Athlete Seeding at the JOs- Athletes will be seeded for individual races and relay teams based upon the following: National Ranking List (NRL) points list (for JI/OJ individual races) and the GLD JOQ Points List and Coaches' Discretion based upon ability to compete and team needs.

Appendix A

P=((Tx - To)/To) x F + Pn


P   = Race Ponts
Tx = Racers Time
To = Age Group Winners Time
F   = 1400 for Mass Starts and No-Break Pursuits
     = 1200 for Pursuit with Break
     = 800 for Individual Starts
Pn  = The sum of the top 5 skiers GLD Points (average) minus the highest and lowest points of the top 5 skiers and divided by 3.75)

For more details on scoring, see the USSA Nordic Competition Guide (PDF), Chapter 2, “Points and Rankings”