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Ski production at Fischer now with 100% renewable energy

Thu, Oct  22, 2009 - By Fischer

The Fischer Sports Group has generated the entire thermal energy for production and heating at the Ried location by a biomass plant since 2001. Ski production at the Mukachevo plant (UKR) has now also been changed over to renewable energy. This makes Fischer the first and only ski producer in the world to attach such great importance to environmental aspects.

Fischer Mukachevo (UKR) ski manufacturing plant

Fischer has been committed to renewable energy from sustainable sources for many years. The latest investment is the doubling of the thermal energy generated from biomass at the ski production plant in Ukraine. The biomass plant for the generation of thermal energy went into operation just in time for the cold winter period and the opening of the skiing season. The Fischer plant now produces 5.5 MW of thermal energy. The Ukraine plant was built using state-of-the-art engineering and features the necessary filter systems. This represents a major contribution from Fischer towards achieving the Kyoto environmental objectives.

The Ukraine location currently has a workforce of 950 people producing a total of around 700,000 pairs of Alpine and cross country skis for the global market.

Fischer today ranks among the high-tech companies in the ski branch. Many top-level athletes place their trust in Fischer's yellow equipment and the experience that goes into it. Since 1976 almost half of the Olympic medals in the Alpine and Nordic disciplines have been won with Fischer skis. Supported by a successfully implemented reengineering process, the company has a sound financial structure and looks forward to the future with great optimism.