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Stoked: Lake Placid

Thu, Oct  15, 2009 - By Pete Vordenberg

Finishing lunge (no, believe it or not, no one fell).


Last workout of the camp.  Snow on the ground.

4 x 10 minute threshold workout.

4 x 10 - if you can't do it one way you have to do it the other way, either way, you have to do it.




No poles.

My stoke is very high coming off Lake Placid Camp '09.  I've seen the work that matters go on everyday, twice a day.  Recovery between sessions included ice/hot contrast baths, lots of food, good hydration, massage, stretching, PT work, sleep.  Training was tough, lots of hard work, yet the crew held up well due to doing it like a pro.

Train hard.  Rest well.  If there is another way, let me know.

(more pics coming up later)

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