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Lake Placid 1 (Red and Green)

Wed, Oct  7, 2009 - By Pete Vordenberg

Torin Koos 4 x 6 minutes.

Simi Hamilton 6 x 4 min.

Also we have done 3sets x 6-8reps x 10second sprints.  And strength in the gym.  And a distance run.

Kris Freeman - distance.  Some work alone, some in a group...

And even when it is in a group you have to focus on yourself...

Morgan Arritola doing the work right.

while still taking advantage of the training partners.


Heading for the barn at the end of the day.

Report from the conference coming up.  More pics and training from Placid as well.

Get it done and get it done right.  Questions, ideas:

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