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Fischer Skis and Boots 2005/06

Sun, Nov  6, 2005 - By Andy Canniff, Fisher Sports

For 2005, Fischer introduces two new classic skis and makes widely available the new dimensional RCS Skating ski. The widely-successful Centrix boots return with upgrades that raise the performance bar even further.


Straight from the World Cup, the RCS Skating or 610 (named after the factory mold number) features a construction designed specifically for speed and stability, with ultra-quick edge to edge performance.

DETAILS OF CONSTRUCTION: You’ll find 20% more fiberglass and carbon fiber inside the 610 ski than the original RCS Skatecut. The ski also features our new Diamond Tuned Grind which uses a synthetic less aggressive diamond stone for the Cold structure, and a more aggressive natural diamond for the Plus base. This Diamond Tuning provides a greater difference between the Cold and Plus models than in the past. The new A5 Cold base has more graphite than previous cold bases for better performance in a wider range of temperatures.

SKI SHAPE: The ski is a javelin shape, 41-44-44. This shape provides a stable platform for quick, strong kicks in V2 and V2 alternate, as well as a long smooth gliding edge for V1 steps. The camber pocket is longer in the front allowing the skier to move their weight forward and back depending on their style of skiing.

PERFORMANCE: The ski rocks in all conditions. Because of the construction, the ski feels like a spring under your foot, giving you energy back each time you push off. Your Fischer Dealer can help you with fitting this new ski to suite specific snow conditions and your technique style.

USER: Everyone will enjoy the performance of Fischer’s new Skating ski. The more energy you put into the ski, the more you will enjoy its speed and responsiveness.


Another introduction for 2005, this classic ski features a new construction-- the 902 (again, a Fischer Factory mold number), and is more specialized than the RCS Classic Plus / Cold models. The RCS Classic Wet has been introduced slowly over the past few years on the World Cup. The ski has been hugely successful in warmer, wetter race conditions or in soft track conditions.

MATERIALS: same as RCS Classic skis, but uses only the Plus base.

SKI CAMBER: The 902 has an extraordinarily soft tip and tail, as well as a high, yet easy closing camber pocket similar to the RCS Classic construction.

PERFORMANCE: Optimum in tracks with high moisture content and soft conditions.

USER: Skiers looking for a specific ski for soft track conditions for either klister or hard wax.


The new high performance waxless racing ski from Fischer. This ski is designed for those tricky classic days when it’s near 32 degrees and snowing; kick wax doesn’t kick, and klister doesn’t glide. It is important to note that the Zero ski DOES NOT take the place of the RCR Crown. The RCR Crown can be used in almost all snow conditions, where the Zero ski works in an approximate range of 25 to 35 degrees when it is snowing. The ski does not work well if the tracks become glazed.

MATERIALS: same as RCS Classic, except for the kick zone which has rubber material inlaid in the base that when roughed (with sandpaper) gives a solid kick in “zero” conditions.

SKI CAMBER: The flex is similar to 812, but softer and easier to kick.

FITTING: Zero skis should be fit like a other 812 skis, but on the softer side of the range – 50% to 55% of body weight is a general rule.

PERFORMANCE: At last years US Nationals in Solider Hollow Utah, there was an hour and a half window during the sprint heats where the Zero ski BY FAR held an advantage over kick wax, klister, klister covered, or hairies. The few available skis were passed around between several Fischer athletes. Those lucky few on the Zeros most certainly held the advantage.

USER: This is a very special ski -- the Zero may only be used half a dozen times in a season. But on the days when conditions warrant its use, get out of the way!

Your favorite Fischer dealer has received special training in the design and fitting of our race skis, and will be able to select a model and flex to best fit your quiver.


Fischer’s all new boot program for 2004 had a stunning debut, climaxing with the capture the Overall World Cup title piloted by Norwegian Margit Borgern. For 2005 Fischer updates the Centrix race boot line with subtle but significant upgrades.

  • The entire top of the line, the 9000 series, receives speed lacing for added convenience and ease of lacing, plus an additional thicker insole for greater fitting options.
  • The C9000 Classic has an all-new softer heel cup that is part of the integrated foot frame for additional comfort. A lower inner boot and dual density insole provide increased flexibility.
  • Centrix 5000 Skating and Combi models receive additional cuff padding to increase durability, and are now equipped with a new ratcheted micro lock buckle system.
  • A new model for 2005, the S3000 combines all the construction features of the Centrix system at a lower price.

All Fischer Centrix boots return with the same innovative features; Integrated Footbed, Foot Frame construction and Twin Skin concept, that completely redefined performance and comfort in cross country race boots.