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USSA Roller ski safety guidelines

Wed, Sep  30, 2009 - By US Ski Team

The U.S. Ski Team takes roller skiing safety very seriously and practices the
following basic principles:

  • We use helmets and bright colored clothing and/or vests.
  • We use the less traveled roadways, or pick times of day with less traffic.
  • We travel single-file as much as possible.
  • We know our route (especially important for down hills and intersections).
  • We stay as close as possible to the side of the road, and use the shoulder where possible.
  • We travel on the right side of the road and in the direction of the traffic at all times.
  • We never assume driver awareness and always roller ski defensively.
  • We move all the way over to the right when traffic approaches.
  • We place large signs on the shoulder of the road or on team vans alerting cars to the presence of roller skiers when training sessions are conducted on the road by teams or groups.
  • We never wear headphones while roller skiing.
  • We always behave like ambassadors for our sport; always use safe practices and offer courtesy to drivers.
  • We maintain our equipment (tighten axle nuts & replace worn wheels).
  • We understand that it is a big responsibility to be sharing the road with vehicles.

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