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Day to Day

Wed, Aug  5, 2009 - By Pete Vordenberg

10 days of typical training in Utah with the National Training Group (and a few guests)


am.  double pole intervals 7 x 7minutes threshold (L3). 

pm.  Strength/Power

am.  distance run 2hrs. 

pm. easy ride or off.


am.  5 x 4 minutes steep uphill skate intervals V02 max (L4) 

pm.  Strength/Power

am.  3:30 distance. 

pm.  easy or off


am.  easy distance 2hrs. 

pm.  easy distance or off


am:  threshold fartlek at soldier hollow. 

pm:  Strength/Power

am/pm:  OFF


am: 7 - 9 x 7minutes threshold double pole intervals. 

midday:  nutrition discussion with USOC nutritionist. 

pm:  Strength/Power


am:  4hr roll/run combi. 

pm:  off


am: threshold ski walk / bounding 2 x 20mins... and so it goes...


coached sessions in 10 days:  11

on-own sessions in 10 days:  5

sessions video taken and reviewed:  6

sessions lactate is tested: 5 - 7 depending on athlete, pace

priceless comments and laughter:  nonstop

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