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Lodwick in Car-Bike Crash

Thu, Jul  23, 2009 - By US Ski Team

ALBERTVILLE, France (July 22) - World Champion skier Todd Lodwick (Steamboat Springs, CO) learned Wednesday that watching the Tour de France can be as dangerous as competing. The U.S. Ski Team athlete was involved in a car-bike collision while riding back from spectating at a Tour stage.

PHOTO: World champ Todd Lodwick split his front fork but the rest of his titanium bike survived a crash with a car near Albertville. (Chris Gilbertson/U.S. Ski Team)

Cycling back to Albertville shortly after watching the early portion of stage 17 of the Tour on the Col de Les Saisies, Lodwick rounded a corner and, in swerving to miss a stopped vehicle, collided head on with an oncoming car.

Lodwick rose to nordic combined success during the 2009 season as he made a return from retirement at the age of 31 to win two World Championship gold medals.

While he did suffer some bumps and bruises, Lodwick is in good condition. He was treated and released from an Albertville hospital. He will now rest before returning to the states.

"The crash happened very quickly, but I am happy to be uninjured, which is more than I can say for the car and my bike," Lodwick said. "I am looking forward to getting to my family, resting up a bit and then heading back into the training season."

Members of the U.S. Nordic Combined Ski Team are in France not only to watch the Tour, but also to train. They have been jumping with international teams in Courchevel while also taking in legs of the Tour. The Team will remain in France for another week.

PHOTO: World champion Todd Lodwick was banged and bruised but otherwise uninjured in a bike crash riding down from a Tour de France stage. (Chris Gilbertson/U.S. Ski Team)