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Dealers instructed to remove boots from shelved

Fri, Jul  17, 2009 - By Mike Muha

Nordic ski dealers have been instructed to stop all sales of the Nordic boot models listed in the recall announced yesterday, and remove the products from their shelves until they have carried out the inspection procedures.

Dealers are to inspect all units of these models to see if any are marked with the affected lot numbers, and reply to Rossignol with the results of that inspection by calling Rossignol's Dealer Services Department. Dealers are to call even if they have no boots with the recalled lot numbers so Rossignol can account for as many of the potentially impacted boots as possible.

Dealers are advised to provide Dealer Services with the name and contact information of the individual who purchased purchased boots between December 1, 2007 through June 1, 2009. Dealer Services will contact the skier directly. I would guess that keeping track of who bought what boot would be nearly impossible.

Dealers have also been asked to post the enclosed recall notice in a prominent location in there store where it is most likely to be seen by customers who may have purchased these boots, and keep it posted until December 31, 2009.

Boots shipped prior to December 1, 2007 or after June 1, 2009 are not being recalled. There may be a 5 or 6 digit lot number stamped in the right boot under the removable insole (see photo below). If there is no lot number, or if the lot number is not on the following list, the boots are not being recalled.