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August CXC Technique Camp at Telemark Resort

Wed, Jun  24, 2009 - By CXC Skiing

Open 4-day high school camp and open 2-day middle school camp is set for August 3-6 along with coaches education sessions.  
The goal of the camp is technique development in small groups (4-6 athletes per coach) and individual video analysis for instant feedback.
"We gained a lot of knew knowledge in the field of cross country ski technique in last three years with our CXC Ski Team and by working closely with the US Ski Team coaches. We also understand that personal attention and feedback are critical components in technique development. This camp is the best opportunity for athletes at every level to improve their technique. Small groups separated by ability level will be very effective tool and method to improve technical skills" commented Yuriy Gusev (CXC Skiing Chief Executive Officer)


  • Bryan Fish (CXC Elite Team Coach)
  • Bill Pierce (CXC Regional Development Coach)
  • Igor Badamshin (CXC Junior Development Coach)
  • Yuriy Gusev (CXC Athletic Director)
  • Scott Wilson (CXC)
  • Garrott Kuzzy (CXC Elite Team/US Ski Team)


  • Classic technique (diagonal stride, double pole, kick double pole and dryland drills)
  • Skate technique (V1, V2, V2 alternate and dryland drills)Video analysis

$295.00 - High School/Middle School 4-day Camp (four per room)
$150.00 - Middle School (J2/J3/J4) 2-day Camp (four per room)
$455.00 - Coaches 4-day Camp (two per room)
$270.00 - Coaches 2-day Camp (two per room)

Each participant will receive a custom t-shirt (must sign up two weeks prior the camp to guarantee t-shirt) and "Log It" Training Log for Endurance Athletes by Garrott Kuzzy.
For detailed schedule please visit
Registration is open at