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Fashion Diva Becca Rorabaugh

Fri, Jun  12, 2009 - By Becca Rorabaugh

I am a cross country skier from Fairbanks, Alaska, and  I currently ski for the Alaska Pacific University Nordic Ski Center (APUNSC).  My goals include the Olympics and World Cup in the future, and I am training full-time to reach them.

Aside from training, I am also a part time student at Alaska Pacific.  I try to keep mentally active with classes, reading, and creative pursuits like knitting, art or writing.  I enjoy interesting and different foods, design, and spending time outside.

This is my impromptu photo-shoot (gallery and slide-show) for the World Juniors/U23 team contest.  The point is to wear your team spandex and take a picture, the more inventive, public, and awkward, the better.

Becca Rorabaugh

Becca Rorabaugh

I am very grateful for various forms of support from Alaska Pacific, my coaches, and especially my family.  Without their help with training, travel, waxing, equipment, and accommodations, I would never be able to commit as fully to the pursuit of my dreams. Thank you!