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12 weeks on…

Kris Freeman

Wed, Jun  3, 2009 - By Zach Caldwell

Recovery from surgery has gone well for Kris - really without a hitch. However, it’s a long road back from a very invasive fasciectomy, and Kris is just starting to introduce some load-bearing exercise to his legs. He’s been on several double-pole sessions on rollerskis without any setbacks, and is slowly introducing other more ski-specific work. In the meantime he’s been training good volume swimming, paddling, cycling, using a double-pole ergometer, and doing his rehab work in the gym. In terms of general fitness there will be no set-backs.

We all learned a great deal this past season and there are some really substantial changes to Kris’s preparation for the coming season. A major overhaul of skate technique is on the way, focusing on better muscular economy and energy management during race efforts. The structure of his training has changed to focus more on shorter load and recovery cycles, and building the tools to develop and support optimal race efforts. There has never been an issue with fitness, and the focus this year moves beyond fitness to race preparation and execution.

These changes are evolutionary - based on a growing understanding of what it takes for Kris to be a podium contender on the right day. We’ve got a lot of confidence in the equation that has emerged. Over time this website has been a way to support Kris’s efforts. By sharing his commitment with the public we’ve reinforced a mutual belief in the chosen path. We’ve built confidence through the telling of a story. This weblog has served multiple purposes, with it’s first purpose being to reinforce the strength of belief behind Kris’s efforts. It’s no longer necessary. Kris knows what he is doing - he doesn’t need to be convinced. And there is a subtlety to the approach now that, frankly, is likely to be lost on most readers. So we’re not going to be talking much about specifics on here anymore. There is a plan. The goal is clear and the path is clear. Kris is building a sense of inevitability. And that’s about all there is to say about that!